Alexandra Shatskaya




A selection of academic projects produced during ultimate years of studies at "Politecnico di Milano" University. 


Central House of Artist

  • Year: 2013

  • Course: Design Lab

  • Location: Mosca, Russia

  • Total building area: 23.000 sq.m.

  • Total area of adjacent park: 23,46 sq.m.

Thesis for Masters in Architecture degree at the "Politecnico di Milano": Redevelopment proposal for the CHA (Central House of Artist) in Moscow, Russia.

The study in question is not a simple architectural project, but a complex research with a scope to develop a strategy that would solve current issues that prevent from fully exploiting architectural and therefore cultural potential of the complex. The CHA lacks a unified architectural environment, that would satisfy contemporary infrastructural and aesthetic criterias.

The planning strategy illustrated in the proposal allows a gradual implementation according to actual financial state of the complex. Thus allowing to achieve the goal to transform CHA into a point of reference for activities related to contemporary art and cultural entertainment of the capital.



Museum Of Contemporary Art

  • Year: 2012

  • Course: Architectural Preservation

  • Location: Milan, Italy

  • Project total area: 1,750 sq.m.

The aim of this project was to adapt the Modern Italian Architecture monument to a new function, while preserving its historical and artistic value.

"The Marchiondi Spagliardi Institute" for difficult kids, was built in 1945-55. The project was developed by arch. Vittoriano Viganò. This complex is a materialization of a revolutionary approach to the architecture of juvenile correctional institutions. Instead of using a classical scheme for similar establishments, the architect designed a "school of life" without barriers; an environment that favours in students democratic socialisation and friendship amongst each other and existence in harmony with the building itself.

An excellent example of Italian Brutalist architecture, this complex was able to transmit a strong vital energy through the reinforced concrete structure and the active implementation of bright colors such as red, blue and yellow. In 1982 the building was abandoned to itself. For a long time the complex has been abandoned to a slow deterioration and only recently its redevelopment plan was entrusted to the "Politecnico di Milano" University.

During the architectural preservation workshop, students were required to apply the knowledge acquired during the course by development of a design proposal that would transform the Institute into a contemporary art museum.

My design team has created a project with a clear intention of enhancing the spirit "Marchiondi Spagliardi". The proposal included a minimal amount of demolition and construction, whilst maintaining traces of dismantled elements and providing clear distinction between originals structures and new ones.